Hey Leonie, 

I love your name! 

Absolutely! That's a wonderful idea. Can't wait! 

Stay Tuned, 

xx S 

Safiya, thank you for all of your ideas! You're so sweet, and I can't wait for you to see all of the new fall stuff :) 


of the week! 

From:​Madisyn W, Hi! Just want to say you're a very talented actress, and I find you very inspiring! I was wondering if you could do healthy pumpkin spice cinnamon buns? I would love that, thanks for reading! Madisyn


Welcome to the 'Talk' page! ​Here I'll answer questions from some of your lovely emails and chat about what's coming up on the blog! 

Quick shout out to Sofia for making my pumpkin chalk board!! yay! I'm so glad you did! Congrats on your own little bun in the oven! I've made something with coconut cream just for you! 



Hey Madisyn,  

Thank you! 

Sounds delicious! They'll be coming right up! :) 

x S

 From: "​​Jenny, Hey Sash, I'm so proud of you for making this so then you can like connect with us and like talk to us here(; I'm looking forward you to make like an apple cinnamon pie, because that sounds yummy I hope you see this I love you so much! -Jenny but you can call me jen or jenjen(;"

From: "leonie s., Oh my god, I have got such a huge obsession over burgers, so I was wondering if maybe you could do a fall inspired burger or something like that? I would so love that! I mean I don't have any idea about cooking at all, but I tried ur pumpkin pie recipe today and I nailed it! I am so proud of myself haha. Love you loads and thank u for owning this awesome blog!"


Dear Sasha, I LOVE U SM!!! by any chance can u make a recipe for brownies?!?! Love, Dianna,

Hi JenJen,  

TGIN (thank goodness it's november) 

​I love pies, and I'm especially excited to make apple pie! So, you got it girlfriend! 


Hi Dianna, 

Love this! And LOVE brownies! I will be posting some yummy pumpkin swirl brownies soon! :) 

xx S

Sofia, this one's for you xx


Thank you all for your sweet messages! I have so many things to share with you! November and December are my favorite times of the year, so you'll be flooded with all things yummy and cute, Look out!