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Valentine's Day has become way more than just a day for those in a relationship.

It's still about celebrating love but the rules have changed. You don't have to be in a relationship to celebrate love. After all, love is in many things.

Love is friends, family, and in you. Self love is one of the most important 'loves.'

So whether you are celebrating your partner in crime or practicing self love...there's a gift for that.

Here's my top 15 gifts for Valentine's Day!

The Classic's With a Twist:

  1. Venus ET Fleur Flowers

These gorgeous flowers will last for an entire year and stem from one to five hundred flower arrangements. They're a bit pricy but they definitely make a statement.

2. Sugarfina Sweets

Sugarfina sweets are delivered in a classy fashion and are absolutely delicious!

They have their own Valentine's Day bundle or you can choose your own.

3. Handwriting Personalized Bracelet

IMESILVER is an ETSY shop with unique creations.

You can send in a message with your handwriting and receive a beautiful handmade item for you or your loved one.

4. BloomsyBox Flower Arrangement Subscription

This is one of my favorites. This is an impressive gift for that special someone, especially if that special someone is you! You pick the frequency of deliveries, they hand pick your flowers and they deliver on your terms. You can also cancel your subscription anytime. Treat yourself or treat someone you love. Either way it's the perfect gift to make you smile.

5. Personalized Cuff Links

This one is definitely a classic. Personalize cuff links and other leather goods through the Etsy shop GracieCollins.

Sexy Treats:

1. Hanky Panky Flower Panties

This trio rose bouquet is much more useful than a regular arrangement.

These sexy panties are a great surprise.

2. The Perfect Man Chocolate

Look no further for your dream man!

3. Get The Message Candles

This candle should get the perfect Valentine's Day message across loud and clear!

4. Affirmation Mug

You are and you should never forget it.

5. Foria CBD Lubricant

This organic intimacy oil infused with CBD is sure to help you relax and enjoy your night.

Practical Gifts:

  1. Tile Wallet and Item Tracker

I'm always losing things, especially now that I can add mom brain to the list. Never lose an item again with Tile. Just add the tile card to your wallet or attach the tile tag to your item of choice and track it with the tile app.

2. Personalized Cable Organizer

Keep tech gear in check with these custom leather cable keepers.

3. Artifact Uprising Desk Calendar

Whether you or your loved one is working from home or at the office, this keepsake calendar will look fabulous on any desk.

4. Dual Wireless Charging Dock

Perfect for two. This personalized wireless charging dock can be placed anywhere once charged to keep you and your partners phones juiced up.

5. Charging Bracelet

I love these! This is the best solution for someone who is always on-the-go. These bracelets are stylish, sleek, and make the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one!

You can't have a Valentine's Day gift without a's my favorite card company!

Pop and Paper

I hope you have the best day celebrating love!

XOXO, Sasha

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