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How to Show Gratitude

This time of year leaves a lot of room for reflection, and sometimes it's hard to know where to start.

I love Thanksgiving for many reasons but one of my favorites is spending time with loved ones. It's a chance to remind those you cherish just how grateful you are for them.

This task isn't always easy. Life can be wonderful but also painful. For me, the end of the year always brings up a lot emotions because with the good comes the bad. Everyone has hardships and negative spots in-between the happy moments.

The most important thing is to talk about them. Whether you confide in family or the family you choose, remember to choose wisely. I feel as though so many of us feel obligated to those around us. Obligated to act or look a certain way, or even guilt tripped into keeping relationships (of any sort) going. The older I get the harder I've inspected my life and the more I've rid myself of negativity. If someone is bringing you down and making you feel worthless remember that no one can decide your worth except for you. And I've got news for you, you don't need negativity in your life. You are worthy of great things. You don't need people brining you down, even if they are related to you. This comes with a lot of uncomfortable situations. It also comes with constant internal reevaluation and determination, but it's worth it.

That being said, it's also easy to take the right ones around you for granted.

Positive reinforcement feels good so remember to return that positivity to others.

Be an example of a positive life and happiness and purpose will follow.

There's so many ways to show gratitude, and most of them include company.

One of my favorite ways to show gratitude is through food and time well spent.

I love entertaining and hosting and I believe it's a huge part of my love language.

Personalization is always key for me...whether that's a love note, making sure I make their favorite food or drink, custom "guest books" (like signing your name or writing a message on a block of jenga,) making sure to capture special moments with homemade photo booths, etc.

Remember that there's no rulebook for life.

If something that makes you happy works for you, don't let anyone tell you differently.

Show love to the ones who understand you.

Remember that success isn't defined by money.

And make every year count.

XO, Sasha

I've collected so many different pumpkins over the years! I am never short of the perfect Thanksgiving table decor!


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