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My Favorite Newborn Products

There are so many products for babies and you never really know what you'll actually use until you've got your precious bundle in your arms.

Since I'm only in month two I wanted to share the products I absolutely love and have used religiously for the first two months with Hendrix.

  1. Doc-a-tot - We have used our Deluxe+ Dock doc-a-tot every day since Hendrix has been earth side and I don't know what we would do without it. Hendrix loves it and we can take it everywhere! However these days that consists of the bed to the couch, but still! It's very portable.

2. NanoBebe Bottles - These are my favorite baby bottles! Their shape is made for your babies comfort and encourages them to start holding their bottle by themselves. It's specially made to protect the nutrients in breast milk too!

3. WaterWipes - Not only are these the cleanest baby wipes on the market, they are also very durable and clean up messes like a champ. They're the best! Plus, these are the wipes they used in the hospital so I knew they were doctor approved.

4. DYPER Diapers - These are the ONLY diapers we use. They are made of bamboo and are better for our planet and your baby. I was worried that because they aren't made of traditional diaper material that the quality would be sub par but I was wrong. They are strong and resilient plus they have a soiled line so we always know when to change him. DYPER is sustainable, compostable, and are offsetting their carbon footprint. They are also affordable and are comparable to any store bought diaper. Buy them individually or through a custom subscription catered to you and your baby. They also offer a 10% discount to those serving our country.

5. These Muslin Burp Cloths - We use these burp cloths all day every day! They are absorbent, soft, and easy to clean! They make great washcloths too!

6. Saint Haven One-pieces - I cannot even begin to describe how SOFT Saint Haven baby clothes are. I love all of their clothes, but their one-pieces have been the most useful. They are hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and made from eco-friendly fibers. If I could go back I would have only bought their newborn/3 month one-pieces instead of all of the other brands we bought from. Tip! I thought I was going to use tons of onesies...I was wrong. I reach for one pieces or footies the most. They keep baby warm and the zippers make diaper changes a breeze.

7. Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops - Our little guy has struggled with gas so our pediatrician recommend these gas drops. They are safe and worked like a charm! They are great to keep on hand just in case.

8. No Touch Thermometer - This is the best and most convenient thermometer I've ever used. You can also measure the temperature of the room or liquids (like milk or bathwater) in seconds.

9. Elvie Milk Savers - These have been absolutely essential for me. Because I've struggled with my milk supply I am thankful for every drop I can get. Wear these while you're going about normal tasks or when you're breastfeeding on the opposite side. These milk savers are sleek, subtle, and comfortable! Just pop them in your bra and empty them when full in a refrigerator or freezer safe container for future use. And they're dishwasher safe!

10. Nursing Pillow...It's a TIE!

I originally started with the Boppy nursing pillow but found that right after I gave birth it really didn't sit comfortably on me and I struggled to get it into the right position. Now, I use it ALL the time for many purposes including nursing. To fill the gap, my friend recommended the Breast Friend pillow. I love it too! This pillow was perfect for the first few weeks. It has an awesome wrap around back support for you and a little raised "pillow" for baby. It also clips around you so you don't have to worry about it slipping away. The Breast Friend isn't as versatile but it definitely fulfills its purpose and is super comfortable.


Breast Friend Pillow:

11. Earth's Best Formula - I was blindsided by having a low milk supply and so I immediately looked for the most natural and nutrient packed formula I could find. While I am grateful that I can still breastfeed I am also grateful to have found a formula that my baby enjoys and that I feel good about giving to him. Earth's best is organic and all natural. It's also canola-free which was a must have for me. My little dude enjoys it warm or cold and it's gentle on his stomach even when mixed with breast milk. They also have a few different variations for sensitive stomachs! If you are like me and have to supplement or if your baby is 100% formula fed, this formula is a great option! Every baby is different and has different needs so please check with your pediatrician before you try anything new. #FEDISBEST

12. Hush Portable White Noise Maker - This has been a lifesaver. Even for just short trips to the doctor or walks with the stroller. We have used this portable noise machine wherever we go and keeps him calm and sleepy. It has a long battery life and is easily rechargeable.

13. Pipette Baby Wash and Baby Balm - I always try and look for the most natural and gentle products and I've been super content with Pipette baby products. You can take comfort in knowing what you're putting on your baby and you'll get great results. My favorite out of all of their products is their Baby Balm. It's 1000 times better than Vaseline or any comparable products. It's natural, effective, extremely moisturizing and has so many uses. Hendrix had dry skin for the first few weeks that appeared mostly on his belly and face. Pipette balm took care of it very quickly...and I even use it on my lips!

14. Boogie Wipes - Not just for babies! I use them too. They are saline tissues and are so gentle on your nose. Baby skin is so fragile and these wipes take good care of them. They are completely non toxic and are a diaper bag must!

15. Paperclip Willow Diaper Bag - I AM OBSESSED with this diaper bag. It fits everything you need and more, it has a zip down CHANGING STATION, an insulated pocket, a dirty clothes waterproof zip pocket, laptop pocket, luggage flap for travel, an easy grab zip at the top, stroller straps and more! It doesn't scream diaper bag and it's sleek and unisex.

16. 4moms Breeze Plus Portable Playard - We used this bad boy constantly and I am so happy we got it. It has an detachable bassinet and changing table and folds up with one hand. It's light and portable and easy to clean. It gets an A+ from this new mama.

17. Puj Tub - I'm so glad we chose this baby tub. It's great for awkwardly sized sinks and holds baby in a comfy position. It has a great design that makes sure water doesn't fill up more than a few inches. It's also nonporous and easy to clean!

18. NailFrida nail clippers - I love these because they have a little peep hole so you can see exactly how much your clipping off. They are also very efficient and are a great size for itty bitty nails.

19. Braun Nasal Aspirator - Nasal aspirators are so convenient. It gets rid of the stuffiness quickly and is so easy to clean. It's battery operated and lasts forever so we take it with us wherever we go.

20. Beis Diaper Bag Organizer - This just makes sense in so many ways. Transform your favorite tote into a diaper bag in seconds. I love how convenient it is and all of the smart pockets and zips that keep all of your essentials in tact. If you don't want to carry around a purse and a diaper bag, this is a must.

21. Goumi Mitts - Like most newborns, my little guy has the sharpest nails! His hands have a mind of their own and we are constantly trying to tame them. My favorite baby mitts have been Goumi's by far! Their fabric is so soft and they don't slip off like all of the others thanks to an easy and sturdy Velcro strap. Take a look at their crib sheets and blankets soft!

22. Munchkin Pacifier Sterilizer - Thanks to 2020 we all care a little more about germs. And for new parents everywhere that level of awareness has skyrocketed. To meet our concerns are cool products like this. A portable pacifier (or bottle nipple) sterilizer. It just needs a few batteries and you're good to go. Right now it's usually my fault when his pacifier hits the floor but as he grows and throws I'm sure I'll get way more use of out this cool gadget.

I hope you enjoyed my most used newborn products! As our little dude grows I will make sure to inform you on all the new things that have helped us along the way.

Sending love to all of the new (and soon-to-be) parents out there, we are in this together!

XOXO, Sasha

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